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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#reverb 10 - Day 3

Author: Karen Walrond
The Beauty of Different

Prompt: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different - you'll find they're what make you beautiful.

Beautiful. Different. I know I for one am so thankful for a society where we are able to link those two words together. My word though...what makes me beautifully different? That's an interesting one. I think of myself as quite the odd duck at times...

-I have curly hair. I'm able to tame it most of the time, but my husband loves it best when it's frizzy & crazy; long and wild. It's my trademark - I wear it down most days, and my long, dark, curly hair is definitely something I think that sets me apart.

-I have a secretly sick sense of humor. I know I come off as utterly serious, uptight and stern, but I do have a sense of humor that comes out with those I'm most comfortable with. When I don't watch myself, it can also come out unexpectedly at strange times, such as at work (yes, I totally cracked a marijuana joke at work with the SVP of communications..umm).

-I am slightly OCD and yet, not so much. I MUST have all the food price stickers off my food before I store it, and I HAVE to have the toilet paper roll/sheet facing a certain way...and I CANNOT have any of my foods touching on a plate...and yet I can go days & weeks without seeing hairballs all over the apartment, much to the chargrin of the afore-mentioned hubbs. For this, I blame my poor eyesight, of course. I also adore cleaning an already clean/tidy apartment, but I HATE cleaning a messy/disorganized one. It's like making a dent in a mountain, and that stresses me out. Much easier just to keep on keepin' on, you know?

-I freakin LOVE a hunk of red meat..but I refuse to cook any red meat, such as a steak, on the stove top. Mostly because I know what well-cooked beef tastes like, and I haven't had a) enough experience to produce that kind of cooking and b) I refuse to make expensive mistake$.

-I have long, lean legs & I don't have to work out for them. Weee! Yay genetics!

-I'm one of those hard-butts who refuses to give money to a hobo, but just about every time I pass a Salvation Army bucket I dump out the contents of my wallet...

-I'm a picker. hey, 'beautifully different', right? No judging! I pick zits, hair, scabs, anything. Omgee, indeed! My mom used to pick on me, and now I pick on hubbs. The cycle of love, no?

-I have a graduate school degree and I still, obviously, use words like 'thinger' and gesticulate wildly to express myself. Oh yeah...

-I twirl my long hair obsessively. I say it keeps it less frizzy, some say it's a sign of girliness on crack...

-I love shoes. I can't say much more, or else I'll start browsing for shoes online & then that's just dangerous. I used to adore high heels, but I'm surely getting old because those suckers hurt my feet more than they used too! I'm not so much about 'whimsical' shoes, but sexy ones!

...and those are the things that make me 'beautifully different!'  What about you?

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