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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

discrimination: a curly chick's cry

Today it rained. And snowed. There was even some sleet.

Yes, I kept my head covered, but the inevitable happened - my long, formerly lucious curly locks got frizzy. Not my fault in the least - it just so happens that my "look" is subject a bit more to the elements than some of my co-workers with sleek hair.

As such, I slightly resent this paragraph, as published in an article titled "The Taming of the Curl."

"Some image consultants say professional women with lots of curls often feel pressured to tame them for work. "The women who have the power spots in banking and hedge funds and all of that never wear their hair to extremes," says Susan Sommers, a New York business-image coach who has advised employees at companies including Deloitte and Colgate-Palmolive Co. Their hair isn't too straight, too long or too curly. "People who are being groomed for high potential, and people who are handling a lot of money, have overseers who really understand that they can't look unkempt or ungroomed," she says."

My reaction? A big fat "WAAAA," wailed as loudly as someone can imagine (well, ok - I'm not actually wailing, but you get my drift)...women with curly hair aren't perceived as professional as women with sleek helmet hair? I can concur with the perception that might be true, but it still stings to know that's somewhat of a universal truth.

Feel free to join my pity party, attendee 1. Read the entire article here!

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