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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's the big deal about cents?

oh yeah...who doesn't love Lincoln!?
So, here you are - you've found the blog through a web search, or maybe I emailed you relentlessly about checking it out (sorry mom!). Either way, you're here, and probably asking "what's the big deal about cents???"

Well, duh, omg, it's always about the cents. Cents, sense, however you spell it, it all boils down to one thing - it's a commodity to be used in your favor. Can you get it? Sometimes. Can you save it for a rainy day? Sometimes. Is it hard to get? Most definitely. But can it be earned? Fo' sho!

That's the biggest lesson here. I think my good "cents" came from a variety of sources: my grandma's wisdom, my mom's everlasting persistence, all those huge books I devoured (and still do!), a daily diet of Bible stories, and just alot of observation. I earned my good "cents," and I hope my blog can be a source of good "cents" for you-  truly. I'm not claiming to be a guru, a saint, or even good with a budget (honestly)...I'm just saying that I've got my own 5 cents worth, and I'm happy to share. Whether it's a bit about my day and how some good "cents" (ok, officially  stopping with the quotation marks now) saved me or some analysis about an interesting newspaper article - I will share it. That's my good cents for you, and I hope you'll throw some at me in the comments! Like the stray pennies laying in the street that I always look out for (and pick up..eww, I know!), good cents can be yours, or mine, just for the taking.

So here we go! omg! (pronounce omgee, by the way) that makes cents!!!

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